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Tombstone, Arizona
Step Back Into Gunslinger History

Relive the glory days of the Old West with a side trip to Tombstone, Arizona, the "Town Too Tough to Die". Here you'll see historic, original 1880's buildings, gunfights, saloons, museums and a town with a colorful mining past. You'll walk the same dusty streets that Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and other legends walked and fought on. The days of rough and tumble lawlessness are gone but the spirit of Tombstone is alive and well.

Must See Stops in Tombstone:

Tombstone Wagon WheelThe OK Corral - The famous gunfight at the OK Corral happened over 125 years ago here in Tombstone. Be sure to stop by the OK corral and see where the action occurred. Each day at 2:00 PM you can see the Boothill Gunslingers perform here.

The Bird Cage Theatre - Stop at the Bird Cage Theatre, the rowdiest, wildest example of the Old West in its heyday. This famous old building is one of the few original buildings left from the 1880's complete with bullet holes from the numerous gunfights that erupted here.

Boothill Graveyard - Open from 8:00AM to dusk, this famous graveyard has graves of famous Old West characters such as Billy Clanton, Lester Moore, Fred White, and Tom and Frank McLaury. You'll see their tombstones amongst the rocks and cactus with epitaphs such as "Murdered in the Streets of Tombstone", "Legally hanged", and "Killed by Indians".

The Crystal Palace Saloon - Step back into time and enjoy a drink at the only authentic saloon still standing in Tombstone. This building sports the original copper ceiling, adobe walls and a replica of the impressive bar. If walls could only talk you'd hear of bar brawls, shootouts, lynchings and all things naughty and bawdy.

Tombstone Arizona Courthouse - As you step into the courtyard of the Tombstone Arizona Courthouse the gallows say it all. This is where justice was served for better or for worse in Tombstone. The 1882 building is now a state historic park with a museum filled with Tombstone's tough history. Open daily (except Christmas Day) from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Old Tombstone Epitaph - The museum located at the West's Most Famous Newspaper is open daily from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Here you'll see the 1880's technology of newspaper making as well as the original 1881 reports of the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral. Admission is free.

Other things to do during your visit to Tombstone include taking a stage coach ride through the dusty streets, enjoying a Chuck Wagon dinner show, visiting the Pioneer Home Museum and the Rose Tree Museum, and touring the "Good Enough Silver Mine" which lies underneath the streets of Tombstone.

Tucson SaddleTombstone is about an hour southeast of Tucson off State Highway 80. From Tucson, take Interstate 10 south 48 miles to Benson then take State Highway 80 another 23 miles to Tombstone.

Spend the day reliving the Wild West in Tombstone and then head on back to civilization with a new appreciation of the days gone by.

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Wild West Days of Tombstone AZ