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You Won't Want To Leave.

Fall in love with the American southwest Tucson-style! When you come to Tucson, Arizona, you may find you won’t want to leave. This desert community is surrounded by mountains known as “Islands in the Sky” that offer fantastic opportunities to get away from it all, just mere minutes from the city.

Vacationing options in Tucson range from dude ranches, spa vacations, golf destinations, camping and more. Whether you prefer a comfy bed and breakfast, five star resorts or a sleeping bag under the stars, Tucson has the perfect accommodations to meet your needs. If you’re here for business or pleasure, you’ll rest easy at any of Tucson’s numerous spas, retreats, hotels, motels, luxury suites, historic inns, ranch houses and resorts.

Surrounded by picturesque mountains dotted with cactus and crystal clear skies, Tucson is a sight for sore eyes. Rolling hills, rugged mountains and cactus forests encircle this large and growing city. Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona with a population of 900,000. You’ll find all the city services you’re accustomed to yet you’ll also be able to get away from it all either on the links, the mountains, out on the desert floor or anywhere in between.

While much of the country is covered by a blanket of snow in the winter, Tucson is a comfortable 65 to 70 degrees. In fact, the average year-round temperature here is 83 degrees. Tucson heats up in the summer but the low humidity keeps it relatively comfortable and the nearby foothills and mountains offer a cooler retreat. Tucson is the sunniest city in the United States with over 350 sunny days per year. Two rainy seasons per year keep this piece of the Sonoran desert surprisingly lush.

Southern Arizona is known as the Astronomy Capitol of the World because of its crystal clear night skies with over 350 nights a year of sky viewing and the Kit Peak National Observatory. Tucson has become a hub for science and technology and offers numerous opportunities to get up close and personal with science. The Pima Air and Space Museum, Biosphere 2, Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium, and Kit Peak National Observatory should all find a place on your itinerary.

If you’re a history buff, Tucson offers the spectacular Mission San Xavier del Blac, the historic Anza Trail, archaeological sites, Arizona’s first European settlement, Native American culture and museums, old western towns and mines and so much more.

Early settlers have lived in the area for over 12,000 years. The name Tucson derives from the ancient word “stjukshon” which means “spring at the foot of the hill”. The spring this word refers to is the Santa Cruz which is now mostly a dry river bed.

The early 1700’s brought mission life to the valley when Spanish Jesuit Eusebio Francisco Kino first established the San Xavier Mission. Spanish ranchers and miners soon followed which brought much conflict with the Native Americans. A new walled Presidio was built in 1776 earning Tucson the nickname “Old Pueblo”. Tucson became a part of Mexico for a short while in 1821 until the Mexican American War in 1846.

National and State Parks surround Tucson and allow for awesome hiking, camping and outdoor adventures. Get out amongst the giant saguaros at Saguaro National Park and become part of the landscape as you explore this wild and beautiful national treasure.

Tucson is a relaxed, laid back town located fairly close to the U.S. – Mexican border. Border towns tend to have a charming blend of cultures and you’ll find that here. Tucson has grown from its early Native American farming days to a Spanish outpost to a railroad hub to today’s thriving metropolis. Through all those incarnations, a unique blend of cultures has defined this wonderful and unique southwestern town.

There’s plenty to do and see during your stay in Tucson and the food’s not too shabby either. Dining choices range from cowboy style steakhouses, authentic Mexican restaurants and elegant gourmet restaurants. Many renowned chefs are making their mark on Tucson with mouth watering, award-winning dining restaurants.

Golf destinations in Tucson are challenging and incredibly beautiful. Imagine golf courses designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., Jack Nicklaus or Tom Weiskopf with the spectacular mountain scenery and saguaro cactus surrounding you as you play. You can golf year-round here and enjoy the game, the scenery and the warm sun on your shoulders.

With the warm climate, outstanding scenery, and affordable living, Tucson and the surrounding communities attract nearly as many retirees as Florida.

The Tucson housing market is hot. Fantastic homes nestled in the foothills offer affordable, luxury living at prices you won’t believe. Tucson homes are stunning with styles such as Santa Fe, Contemporary, Spanish, Mediterranean, and Ranch dominating the landscape. You’ll find gorgeous homes for any budget in Tucson and nearby communities. Just find a Tucson real estate agent and go looking for your dream home.

Whether you're coming to Tucson for a vacation or to stay, Tucson will earn a spot in your heart.


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